Fashion-Forward Feminism – Start the Ladylike Revolution Now

Have you ever wondered what to do with the ones old pair of specifications? I know I even have. When I get a new prescription for glasses, I always buy new frames so I can stay in touch with the brand new fashion trends… LOL! I’m constantly search for the funkiest pair of peepers so I can claim a new identity. Blue frames, spherical lenses, cat-eye frames, and even leopard print–I’m always attempting to find the trendiest pair. When I locate my new appearance, I end up with a spare pair of ultimate year’s high-quality with the purpose of the use of them for backup. I in no way simply use them even though because they’re out of favor and I’m embarrassed to be visible in public. (Actually, my son is extra embarrassed than I am.) Somehow, last 12 months’s ultra-modern and best pair of emerge as in a drawer. Funny how that works…

The different day, I located the right answer. I picked up a duplicate of the November 2007 version of Real Simple mag from Target and flipped to a piece of writing (Recycle Old Specs on page 6) that defined exactly what to do with them.

Did you recognize that you could recycle your old glasses at Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters, Perle Vision, prescription sunglasses cat eye Target, or Sears? Yep, it’s proper. These stores donate used glasses to The Gift of Sight Foundation, a charity that offers unfastened eye exams and glasses to human beings (worldwide) who can’t come up with the money for them. How fashion forward is that! So, move in advance and dig those vintage specifications out of your drawers and take them for your nearby branch of any such shops so others can enjoy your glasses the same way you once did!

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